MIKE BENSON: Part 2 of 6: THE CONQUERORS International Strength Team: The Healing Of His Broken Heart

Mike Benson, President and Team Captain of THE CONQUERORS International Strength Team, discovered something about himself that many criminals come to realize sooner or later. Pent up anger will drive a person to do things they never thought they were capable of doing, until they end up behind prison bars, or in a hospital emergency ward, asking themselves how could they have been so foolish to do what they did, thinking that there would be no consequences?

Mikes heart was filled with anger because he never received love and acceptance from a father. A child who never receives proper love and acceptance, especially from a father, struggle the most with God. Rather than desiring to want to know about God, and what they can do to walk in harmony with God so they can become ALL that God desires they can become in this life, they go out of their way to avoid God, believing God can not be trusted.

Mike felt God could not be trusted. Mike believed the most common lie told to humanity and believed by humanity. Here is the lie humanity buys about God. IF GOD CAN BE TRUSTED, WHY HAVE I BEEN HANDED THIS ROTTEN PLACE IN LIFE BY GOD?

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