Kathy Peel on "Desperate Households"

Through her own personal stories and the stories of women and families with whom she's worked doing Family Manager Makeovers, Kathy Peel helps women navigate the seven areas of life that can cause feelings of desperation. The book

Entertains the reader with some light-hearted humor

Inspires the reader as she learns that God cares about the details of her life and wants to meet her and empower her at her points of desperation

Equips the reader to take steps in her own home and personal life that will make a huge difference in her family's--and her own--quality of life

Describes the seven areas of home life that can become out of control

Features stories from Kathy's life about her own points of desperation and how God has met her in those points, as well as stories from other women

Offers spiritually based solutions to practical problems


Home & Property--overseeing the maintenance and care of all tangible assets, including belongings, house and its surroundings, and your vehicles

Food--meeting the family's daily food and nutritional needs of your family

Family & Friends--dealing with relational responsibilities as a parent and spouse, and with extended family, friends, and neighbors

Finances--managing the budget, bill-paying, saving, investing, and charitable giving

Special Events--planning and coordinating occasions--birthdays, holidays, vacations, garage sales, family reunions, and celebrations--that fall outside one's normal routine

Time & Scheduling--managing the family calendar and daily schedule; dispatching the right people to the right place at the right time with the right equipment

Self-Management--caring for one's body, nurturing the mind and spirit

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