True Prosperity Multiplies Charity

The hope of the church is to return to the true prosperity of the soul where increase is marked by the things of God’s kingdom, His abounding grace and the multiplication of charity. Little children are those who are unfamiliar with the tokens of the house of God and therefore continue to value the comforts of the flesh and place prosperity in the natural realm. The history that God inscribed upon the conscience (called the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ) is not bearing witness yet concerning the treasures of the soul. The soul is rather naked and void of the life and fruit of Christ. The thorns and the briars are still there and these things need to be purged and circumcised and we see the Apostle Paul bring this out in chapter 12 of Hebrews regarding the purging, chastening, and nurturing of the soul. Those born of the Spirit of God confess those things which carry His power.

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