Whispers of Angels

This video was made in memory of my son Samuel Isaac who was born into God's hands on January 30,2006. And for all the families who have Glory babies awaiting them in heaven. To hear the full testimony of this please email. Our son had a purpose and he still does!!! My God Reigns!!!! John 18:11b "Shall I not drink from this cup of suffering that my Father has given to me?"

The only way Jesus was able to go to the cross and embrace it as he did, was because he alined his spirit with God the Father. But, his flesh cried out for this cup to pass from him in the garden, but when he alined his spirit with God's spirit he was able to embrace the cross for you and me.

I did not want to drink from this cup of my child passing away. We knew he was going to, and I prayed and prayed for it to pass. But once I alined my spirit with God's spirit, I was able to embrace what was going to happen. And God supplied His Grace Peace Mercy and Love and turned it into a ministry for thousands. A ministry of trust, love, understanding, intimate relationship with Abba, passion, and appreciation.

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