The Music of the Bible Revealed � Psalms 138

This is an excerpt from Suzanne Haïk-Vantoura's one live concert in the U.S. It was held in the University of San Francisco's Lone Mountain Chapel on October 6, 1985, and was sponsored by USF and Temple Emmanuel. I was granted special dispensation by my church to see this concert. There I met Suzanne and her translator, Dennis Weber, for the first time, as well as local professor Dr. Duane Christensen (who later would prove so important in the publication of Suzanne's English book). -- This Psalm is outstanding in its delicacy of melody and mode. I have been trying to wrap my mind around the attitude behind it ever since I first heard it in 1985. Only now, after putting it into this slideshow with backgrounds made from aerial photographs of Israel and from the Psalms Scroll of the Community of Qumran, do I feel that I begin to understand this Psalm's profound reverence and gratitude. -- For more information, please see,, and (in French)

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