The Cross the way to Victory

Now it is the same with us. We have seen the very power of our Lord Jesus Christ what He has done on Calvary and how He defeated the enemies of His. He has destroyed in the Cross the very Adamic nature by becoming the Last Adam. All who are born again have lost the old Adamic nature because of what Jesus Christ has done on Calvary. He died to that very nature and when He wad risen from the dead He came out not with our old nature that He took upon the Cross, but with a very new nature. Many don't realize or they don't want to, that Jesus Christ when He died He died as us, and He actually became us on the Cross. And we are identified with Him. That is why Paul could say,

I have been put to death with Christ on the Cross, Yet I live yet it is no longer I that lives, but it is Christ that lives in me. The life that I am living now, I living by the faith of Jesus Christ who loved and gave Himself for me. [Galatians 2:20]

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