AXiS Service Day #1

AXiS Service Day #1

David, Lindsey, Meghan, Tim and Jeremiah spend a day serving Calvary Worship Center. We picked up furniture from a city 40 minutes away to be sold at the church yard sale that would benefit single mothers so that they can go on a weekend women's retreat. It was an eventful day. AXiS challenges you to go serve people in your community. With just an hour or more sacrifice a week, you can really make a difference!

Here are some things to think about when watching this video...

1. How can I make a difference in my community?

2. Who can I recruit to help me make a difference?

3. Can I give up one hour of playing guitar hero or skip a summer nap to help others?

4. If I decide to serve, will I remember to wear my bear repellant?

5. If I decide to serve, will I make sure that all chairs are tied down properly and securely?

If any of these points do not make sense, check out the below video and we are sure the fog will lift!

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