Becoming Spiritual Warriors for Our Children

There is nothing harder for a mom than to see her child in pain and not be able to do anything about it. From the time that child is born, mom is there taking care of his every need and responding to his every cry. We bathe them. We clothe them. We feed them. We teach them to walk. We teach them to talk. We teach them to read. We teach them how to share. We are there when they are sick. We are there when they laugh. And we remember it all. We remember the first flutter and the first kick. We remember the first labor pain. We remember the first time we laid eyes on him. We remember the 2 o'clock feedings. We remember the first time he said "mama". We remember the first day of school. We remember the hugs. We remember the smiles. But, what do we do when his smile goes away.

God taught me how to be a "Spiritual Warrior for My Child". And I know that it is true�because I lived it. I have lived through the pain, through the hopelessness, through the confusion and through the gut wrenching tears. And then�I lived through the joy of looking into my son's shining eyes and seeing his smile again.
Every mother needs to see this....

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