Celtic Christianity Today Homily "Repent or the Time is Near" Part 1 by Rev. Dr. George Cairns

Rev. Dr. George Cairns of Chesterton, Indiana delivers homily about "the major evils of today – genocide and ecocide" entitled "Repent or the Time is Near" on May 31, 2009 at the Union Community Church (UCC), Valparaiso, Indiana.

In part one of two, Rev. Cairns discusses the "Cosmic Christ" and a story in "The Lutheran" magazine by Elaine Siemsen, plus the United Nations definition of genocide, the loss of language by American Indians, Ecocide, ABC News Special "Earth 2100."

Cairns said many experts believe the Earth and its inhabitants are facing the "the Sixth Great Extinction."

Cairns explains results of the American Museum of Natural History national survey on Ecocide that "reveals a biodiversity crisis."

Survey entitled: "Scientific Experts Believe we are in the Midst of Fastest Mass Extinction in Earth's History: Crisis Poses Major Threat to Human Survival; Public Unaware of Danger"

Rev. Cairns confesses childhood antics to prevent construction project where he played in the woods. Interstate freeway later "vaporized" those woods.

Cairns works closely with Rev. Gregory Jones, UCC pastor and Assistant Professor of Theology, Valparaiso University.

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The Lutheran Magazine: Who is the Cosmic Christ? By Elaine Siemsen


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