Question Entertainment Extra: Watchman Revisited - Christian Movie Review

I do think we focused more on the onslaught of violence, sex and silly ideas, though I believe I saw most of the points and messages, I just thought they were either silly, wrong, or not worth the porn and blood to get there.

1 I do see the Do the ends justify the means? being a strong theme here. I found it ironic that the ending was very similar to The Dark Knight. The difference here was that the bad guys were taking on the Christ symbolism while lying to the world for the worlds own good. Of course the good guys, Night Owl and Rorschach, opposed this and Rorschach ultimately brought it down because he, like Ozymandias, had set his plan in motion before the final confrontation. (IE dropped off his journal that chronicled most of the plot.)

I do think it was looking at that issue. I do think we should be more like Rorschach, though the end seamed a bit nihilistic and more to the point of hey, we are all doomed anyway.

2 Yes. He gave us back story, and a way into the plot, but then the journal becomes a plot point. That was a nice touch. Though with that. The movies narrative structure suffers. The film ends up being

Meet the characters

Have a series of events that leads to each character explaining his back story

Final confrontation

To this end, I think it was trying to be the super hero Citizen Kane, which I think could have worked if they were more focused on just Rorschach as the reporter and the Comedian as Kane.

3 Yes, Dr. Manhattan did question the existence of God. He did also question the value of humanity. The conversation about her birth, and all, was his self revelation There is the spark of the divine in humanity.

This is a real glimpse of God even from a Biblical stand point, and I do like that it was there. Still they did not connect it as well as they should have, an

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