Documentary: The Human Jesus (Part Five)

Documentary: The Human Jesus (Part Five)


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This theological documentary, produced by RestorationFellowship, filmed by Mark Dockery, with a present editing (for this forum) by Paul Millunzi, tries to bring the difficult theological understanding about the nature of Jesus of Nazareth down to earth.

The video has bits and clips of world-recognized scholars, as well as some unknown skilled examiners of biblical theology and Christology.

The "man on the street" aspect of Dockery's documentary keeps the interest of those who view the presentation. Dockery includes significant ecumenical material, with a view to erasing lines of hostility that separate Christians from the Jewish and Islamic communities. While there is a long way to go to accomplish this, the presentation is a necessary first step in accomplishing that goal.

Some people in the video:

Dr. Colin Brown, [email protected], Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary

Sir Anthony Buzzard, [email protected], Author of THE DOCTRINE OF THE TRINITY: CHRISTIANITY'S SELF-INFLICTED WOUND (

F. Paul Haney, minister/lecturer on strict siblical Monotheism.

Mr. Daniel Mages, [email protected], debater, lecturer, and founder of California-based Hunger Truth (

Mr. Danny Dixon, [email protected], Moderator, Disciples for One God (



I, the uploader, did not make this video, but I agree with its message. This video is not copyrighted.