The Prosperity Gospel Circus

In this tongue in cheek yet serious commercial Apostle JoAnne Cremer gives a revealing snapshot of the &quot;Design Your Life&quot; and &quot;Decree Your Abundance&quot; gospels that merchandise your faith and wound your soul with vague and vain promises that keep you forever journeying in pursuit of the &quot;carrot stick&quot; illusions of a &quot;life without limits.&quot; Apostle JoAnne presents an invitation for true change in the Church: The Great Transition: Returning to Your First Love and the First Works (Rev 2:5). Come and be filled with the Fullness of Christ. The Apostles' Center offers a full education to the New Covenant to believers, leadership and congregations, to equip and empower Christians for successful daily spiritual transformation in the soul. Get off the Journey. Get the Truth. Get rooted in Christ by getting the Fullness of Christ. Enroll today. Everything is free of charge.<br />
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