Near Conversion Experiences

Every Friday Apostle Eric delivers the word of the Lord live as guest on Rev. Tillmons Radio program. In todays broadcast Apostle Eric again lifts the veil of ignorance from the church teaching about Near Conversion Experiences, False Regeneration, False Hope, False Faith, and False Apostles. The word of the Lord: Those who use the record of man for their priesthood and faith are walking in darkness and the blood of Jesus is not cleansing them of sin. But if you use the righteousness of Christ and His priesthood then Jesus can cleanse you from sin. The condition of the church: Near Conversion Experiences are the norm. Few are coming into covenant with God as the Bible says: Ever learning, but never coming to the knowledge of the truth. The choice for the church: Choose either Satans justifications or Gods justifications. Those who choose Satans justification remain under his shadow in false regeneration, false hope, and false faith. Those who choose Gods justifications stand in the light of His grace and their experience of Him is that seal of righteousness, which darkness cannot comprehend, nor break into, nor steal.

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