David Kyle Foster has been given great understanding into the emotional needs of children, and how emotional scars of childhood often shape the kind of adults we become. If childhood needs are not met in somewhat of a healthy way, there are common reasons why those children can become vulnerable to same-gender attractions as they grow older.

Because David had emotional wounds from childhood regarding his father, he became gay, and eventually became a gay pros%!$#ute. He explains how it all came about, and in so doing, gives wonderful insights that may help both men and women understand themselves and their own situations.

David has tremendous love and compassionate for same-gender people, which truly is a special gift from God.

David gave this presentation at a conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1996. The one who put this HEALING $#!$%UAL BROKENNESS CONFERENCE together was Roberta Laurilla, who briefly shares a little of her own former lesbian lifestyle, and then a special lady by the name of Carla Harshman shares what led her to become a lesbian growing up, and how God has ministered to her through it all.

Regrettably, the setting where this conference was held was not the most suitable for videotaping at the time, which is why the quality of the video segments are not the best.

God has called David to help minister to those who are seeking help for their own emotional scars of life, and his ministry website is:


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