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Pt1-Birthing Dreams or Christs Fruit

In Part 1 of this 3 part series Apostle JoAnne Cremer continues to remove the cloak of Satan�s seat in the Church and call the Church to repentance in this hour of His visitation. Identifying the latest merchandising trends in Christianity about BIRTHING DREAMS and MASTERING YOUR DESTINY Apostle JoAnne reminds the Church the true call is to BIRTH THE FRUIT OF CHRIST in the soul. Showing how ungodly men and women creep into the Church and pervert the gospel by turning grace into lasciviousness, Apostle JoAnne identifies the Leadership who embrace and teach these things, how Christians are seduced by a form of godliness, what Jesus meant when He said He is the Alpha and the Omega, how this connects to Jesus as the prototype and forerunner, how we propagate by His pattern, and then restores to the Church the true definition of FAITH that believers may hear the distinction of truth over error and be directed to their true hope of Christ by function in the New Covenant through the believer�s priesthood. May these distinctions continue to assist the Church to hear and heed the call of the Spirit to repent and return to Her First Love and the First Works. Join Apostle JoAnne in this 3 part video teaching series and enjoy the strong grace of true apostleship as she unfolds the Mystery of Christ and details how we birth the Fruits of God�s love in our souls. For a free and full education to the Royal Priesthood of the New Covenant, we invite you to enroll today at the Apostles' School of Ministry. www.school.apostles-center.com www.apostles-center.com www.apostlejoanne.com

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