Pt2 The Power of Gods Throne

In Part 2 of 3 Apostle JoAnne reveals the names and tactics of merchandisers in the Church, such as Mike Murdock, Todd Coontz, and the annual Rethink Conference of the Crystal Cathedral, showing how their words, strategies and WISDOM KEYS produce a paradoxical and predatory gospel that sets faith on the shifting sands of human philosophies, earthly riches, political change and world solutions, leaving the soul blind, naked and wretched. Noting Paula Whites show with a Jewish Rabbi where they speak of THE COSMIC KISS OF UNDERSTANDING, Apostle JoAnne points out how White is deceived by the Antichrist Spirit, misleading Christians by promoting the Old Covenant over the New Covenant and offering a false promise of power to get all that you desire, if you will send her money and celebrate the Jewish Feast of Atonement. Additional examples of White, Rod Parsley, and TD Jakes are provided to reveal their FOCUS OF THE GOSPEL ONTO THE FLESH with enticing cunning speech that preys on Christians by speaking to their deepest desires and natural needs. A final mini teaching and exhortation on the Excellency of the Power of God continues to exhort the Church to flee from these poisonous gospels and return to Her First Love and the New Covenant Pattern for faith in Jesus Christ delivered by Gods true apostles. At the Apostles School we give this full education FREE OF CHARGE. Enroll today and bring your faith out of exploitation and into the fullness of Christ.

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