20 of 30 - Will the REAL Church Please Stand Up - Billy Crone

Hear ye, hear ye! Read all about it! Millions of people right now are suffering from traumatic brain injury and dont even know it. A new epidemic is sweeping the nation thats causing untold numbers to completely forget who they are. So just who are these people? Believe it or not, its the American Church. Why? Because we say we know who we are as the Church, but half the time with our lips and lives, we're acting like weve forgotten who we are. We're suffering from practical amnesia. And this is not only detrimental in our walk with Christ. It keeps others from believing in Christ. Therefore, this series, Will the REAL Church Please Stand Up? seeks to remind Christians of their God-given identity in Christ. We are the Body of Christ, a Body of Brides, a Body of One, a Body of Hope, a Body of Joy, a Body of Love, a Body of Peace, a Body of Strangers, a Body of Disciples, a Body of Servants, a Body of Rebels, a Body of Worshippers, a Body of Warriors, a Body of Witnesses, and a Body of Winners. People the facts are this. If our country is ever going to survive the evil days that lie ahead, we've got to understand that we dont need revival in America, we need revival in the American Church! Therefore, Will the REAL Church Please Stand Up? before its too late!

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