RE:FORM Conference 2009

The RE:FORM Conference 2009 will be held at Cedar Ridge Community Church in Baltimore, Md. area Sept. 16-18, 2009. This years conference will focus on three of the seven RE:FORM areas of crisis:

- Human Injustice

- Environmental Decline

- Spiritual Confusion

Each topic will be covered in a main session by practitioners followed by workshops on each of the tracks that will equip, train, and inspire churches and church leaders regarding ways to engage their congregation in addressing these issues on a local and international level. Attendees will have plenty of time to interact with speakers and workshop leaders in an environment that encourages and fosters networking, collaboration and the sharing of good ideas for the purposes of engaging others to care about topics covered in the conference.

Speakers include: Leroy Barber, David Batstone, Mark Foreman, Rob Morris, Tri Robinson, Ken Wilson, Donny Pauling and Rusty Pritchard.

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