AHMADINEJAD~Christians Unite...Seek God's face!!!

AHMADINEJAD~Christians Unite...Seek God's  face!!!


This video is information, nothing is teaching.
1)The Doomsday clock is from a non-religious source http://thebulletin.org/
2)Iran/Persia is just basic history. It can be found in any good encyclopedia.
3)The Bible. Ok here is where it is up to faith. That's fine...The objective was to provide hope. Nothing I said is any different then Billy Graham or Hal Lindsey (Joel Rosenberg etc).

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the President of Iran spoke at Columbia University in upper Manhattan,New York City USA. He spoke at the UN general Assembly.(9/25/07) He is very well versed and pointed in his message. This video is a response......