Eyewitness 2 ...The Next Generation

A Picture is worth a thousand words

Especially is they are the next generation of 3 D and 4 D ultrasound imaging. Shari will take you on a fascinating journey through all 38 weeks of pregnancy seeing the mirror image of the babies with the cutting edge digital ultrasound technology. Separate chapters allow viewers to select specialized presentation to accommodate your audience and time.

[email protected]#!$!le Chapter: Contains smoothing background music with fascinating visuals and descriptive subtitles which provides an overview of the key features of human development. Perfect for fairs, seminars and waiting rooms. Available in both English and Spanish. (15 min.)

Cl%#! Room Chapter: Taped during a High School presentation, Shari gives a complete description of all three trimesters. This version will entertain and delight viewers as you share in the interaction of the students as they travel the fascinating journey in the womb. An excellent resource for schools, hospitals and Pregnancy Centers. (20 min.)

Additional chapters include the 25 Year Journey of Sound Wave Images, favorite images of 3 D & 4D babies the music video You Are a Masterpiece.

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