Got Ladybugs? 3,000 of them? James does

Around 4pm, and after accomplishing many remarkable webtastic feats, I clocked out and headed out to my trusty Saturn. Keep in mind this is just 4 hours after my lunch. I get into my car and immediately see some bugs fluttering by my head. My first thought was BEES! My car is full of bees! After I quit screaming like a 12-year-old girl at a Jonas Brothers concert, I looked around and realized they were not bees but ladybugs. Examining my car further I saw that there were not only a couple Ladybugs but hundreds, maybe a thousand (later I would discover that it was actually 3000). I found this funny and confusing. Ready to get on the road I started my car and began the drive home. Along the way I discovered what having 3000 Ladybugs in a car means.

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