Christian Youth: Join the Movement to Change Your World

There have been times in the past when the Spirit stirred men and women to take up a radical obedience to God. Many of the great spiritual movements and awakenings sprang out of this commitment to God’s will. In these times—recorded throughout history—youth played a central role in starting and spurring on the movement for God, from the First Great Awakening that began with a young John Wesley in college, to the Second Great Awakening, which found many of its proponents on school campuses.

Author and college professor Alvin L. Reid believes that this generation is ripe for an awakening such as these, and he sat down in July to discuss this with the hosts of The Harvest Show." border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5078216272540524930" />Many of history's greatest movements of spiritual renewal have been based in radical Christian obedience. And while generally overlooked, the truth is that many of history's “great awakenings�? started with young adults. Written by youth expert Alvin Reid, Join the Movement is an invitation and a challenge to young adults to wholeheartedly commit to seeing God change the world--through them!

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