Book of Ruth, multiple voices. ===================================================== Please either download originally uploaded HQ 28MB video or the HQ jpg ===================================================== =====================================================,Ruth,Obed,Jesse,David__49skip_across_Tamar.jpg ===================================================== Ruth is extremely important prophetically because she represents how Gentiles as lost sheep of a wild olive branch are engrafted into Israel. Ruth fits in with the Prophetic Biblical Feasts for Ruth begins with the BARLEY HARVEST Ruth1:22 at the time of Passover, and then 50 days later the Book of Ruth is traditionally read all the way through on the Festival of Shavuot aka Festival of Weeks aka Pentecost which occurs at WHEAT HARVEST Ruth2:23. ===================================================== ===================================================== The seven weeks or 49 days between the these two spring harvests is called the Lev23:15,16 counting of the Omer. This 49 day COUNT just so happens to be the exact ELS COUNT between letters of this Bible Code!!! Please do download the graphic, for it is astounding! This annual practice of 50 days separating the two harvests is a foreshadow of the 50 years of Jubilee detailed in Lev25 where all of Israel is ingathered, all debts are cancelled, and oppression in the land finally ends. . . The counting of 49 or Seven times seven periods of time is also highlighted in Joshua6:1..5 where the priests circled Jericho seven times seven. The name Jericho H3405 means ( its moon ) therefore the circling of ( the Moonth ) as a cyclic time unit in sets of seven times seven, indirectly highlights both Shavuot and Jubilee. Doubt it? Compare Jos6:5 and Lev25:9 both being announced with Trumpets, Joshua with 7 L

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