Cpl.Christopher E.Mason "Strength and Honor"

Cpl.Christopher E.Mason

Cpl.Christopher E. Mason U.S.Army 82nd Airborne killed in action Siniyah Iraq nov.28-2006 fighting al-qeada terrorists. President G.W.Bush authorized the following quote to be placed on Chris' headstone feb.1 2007 "We will not tire,We will not falter,and We will not fail." Song Chris Mason "Here on this battlefield", The song is performed by "Joe Monto" - (The lyrics were written by "Joe Monto" & "Chris' dad - Garland Mason" using Chris' OWN WORDS taken from videos, and emails, Chris sent home before his death)http://www.myspace.com/joemontomusics

Chris's Dad Mr.Garland Mason's memorial website for Chris' is