Path Finder

Two years ago a well known writer for a popular Christian magazine reported on the condition of the church. He wrote, “We’re running on empty. We think we are sophisticated, but like the Laodiceans we are actually quite poor, blind and naked. We need to return to our first love but we don’t know where to begin the journey.” This report was true of the church in 2006 and it is still true today. Church leaders know that they do not know where to begin the journey back to their first love. In todays broadcast Apostle Eric continues his teaching from St. Johns epistle about why this condition still exists in the church: the gospel is being carried by the flesh and fables rule in the place of faith. For the church to start the journey home they will need the Path Finder, the sanctified stewardship that will lead the church from darkness to light.

Video copy of part one of Apostle Erics radio program, Apostolic Voice of Reformation, 12-12-08. Broadcast airs live every Friday from 3 pm to 4pm EST at WBTE 990 am Windsor NC. www.ApostleEric.comCredits: music by Stefano Maccarelli, "Jingle 4”:

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