POWER FOR LIFE - Breaking Bricks - Snapping Baseball Bats - 600 LBS Bench Press

Power For Life Ministries - Is a strength feat ministry.

Power For Life Travels the country speaking at 1500 school assemblies a year and encouraging young people to hold onto their goals and dreams. Teaching them to stay away from drugs, alchol, %!#$!, suicide, and many other things that could take their dreams away.. during the week of the school assemblies we host night time programs and invite the schools to come we hold these night time programs at a LOCAL CHURCH - It could be your church!! We tell the young people that their are people who care and will be their for them and a savior named Jesus that loves them.. See your church grow by as much as 50% in ONE WEEK!!

Contact DJ Shirley - 214-264-7553 OR Jerod Rost 940-206-0375

We want to come meet with you and begin to make plans for YOUR community..

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