Keeping It Real for Teen Girls

Being a teen girl can be nearly impossible. Between dealing with gossipy girls, parents, the new hottie in math class, a potentially image–ruining blemish on prom night, and a backbreaking load of homework, young women do not have it easy.

Enter Heather Jamison--someone who’s been there, done that, and learned some valuable lessons along the way--someone who understands.

Heather sat down with Kelly Morgan of The Harvest Show to talk about the issues facing teen girls, and shared tips on how to cope with the pressures facing them. Heather writes about these topics in her goGirls series, which includes Real Stuff: A Survivor's Guide and Keeping it Real.

Real Stuff is about the basics. Using real-life examples and applicable Scripture verses, author Heather Jamison talks to girls about the essentials--rules, rags, and relationships--and how wrong attitudes can be changed into valuable lessons.

For more information about Real Stuff: A Survivor's Guide, click HERE.

“It’s written with a fresh perspective from someone who understands the diversity of teens."

Written for teenage girls, Keeping It Real uses real-life examples and applicable Scripture verses to talk with girls about life's essentials-gabbing (saying things th

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