2 Kinds of Fruit in the Soul

Every soul bears fruit, but WHO IS AUTHORING THE FRUIT OF YOUR SOUL? God or Satan? Apostle JoAnne teaches from Eph 4 and brings out how Satan is waging war against the Church by offering many enticing gospels that deceive the mind, spoil the soul and blind the heart. An excellent video teaching from the apostles office, pointing out the distinctions concerning how the Antichrist spirit inspires RELIGIOUS MOLDING and a RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD IN THE IMAGINATION by the seeking of God from biblical text, causing the SEED OF INIQUITY to mix with the SEED OF CHRIST, and how this is the activity of faith the BONDWOMAN exhibits, not the FREEWOMAN. Directing the Church back to the original pattern of the Faith of Christ, Apostle JoAnne ends this teaching by defining the TRUE EDUCATION of the New Covenant, expounding on the 12 Elements of the Gospel, which produces the substance of redemption in the soul, the very fruits of the divine nature of Jesus Christ. If you are tired of the gospels that always speak to the fears and frailties of man and want to return to the truth and power of Christ then this video is for you. Make the Great Transition today. The Call is now, to return to your First Love and the Fullness of Christ. www.apostles-center.com All our education to the New Covenant is FREE.

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