Mike Bickle "After God's Own Heart"

Mike Bickle "After God's Own Heart"


Pastor Mike Bickle describes his book "After God's Own Heart" releasing June 2, 2009 with Charisma House.

David had a front row seat into the fiery emotions of God's heart...and so can you. Imagine what David felt like to be singled out and given an almost unfathomable spiritual identity..to seen by God as "a man after His own heart." David's secret is that he was energized by intimacy with God as a student of God's emotions. He encountered the power of God's emotions. It transformed his emotions for God. You can also become a student of God's emotions and experience being energized by the Holy Spirit to a life of deep obedience and mature love. Invest time in understanding the emotions found in God's heart for you, and your own heart will experience a glorious awakening.

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