Muckiana Jones and the mask of doom

For the launch of the new Indiana Jones movie (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) we bring you a funny trailer that walks in the footsteps of Indianna Jones and is completely acted by real life Guinea Pigs, Mice and other not-so-real-life cuddly toys.rnrnWhilst the very detailed sets have been created with plants, toys, lego and other building blocks, the trailer brings you great action a la Indiana Jones, special effects, fun and laughter with a short story about a lost and hidden magical mask of doom that can impart the power of the universe. rnrnSet in snowy Himalayas, the jungles of Africa, caves in Australia, elaborate castles and dark hallways, Muckiana Jones and the Mask of doom will guarantee entertainment & quality action for all ages.rnrnThe trailer is brought to you (not by Steven Spielberg) but by young Christian director David Hutter from Canterbury, UK. Visit our website or for more information.

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