Little Boy Has The Sweetest Interaction With A Pony

One little boy was caught on camera participating in likely the sweetest interaction you’re ever to see between a child and a pony.

Animals are some of the cutest things you’ll find on Earth. Puppies, kittens, baby rabbits and the like are always popular. Who doesn’t enjoy looking through dozens, perhaps even hundreds of photos of puppies and kittens? Similarly, people will spend hours watching YouTube videos of kittens being kittens, which is to say being as cute as can be.

Kittens and puppies will always be cute and remain popular content for platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But another animal that is almost as hard to pass up as kittens and puppies is ponies. Who doesn’t love watching clips of those miniature horses as they tag along with their parents, earnestly trying to keep up with mom and dad as they learn how to function as a horse? The mere thought of a pony is almost enough for you to cry out, “Aww!” 

Well, one video posted on TikTok includes what is likely the cutest conversation between a young man and a pony. Of course, the conversation is a little one-sided, but that doesn’t make it any less cute! It may even add to the cuteness factor.

The short 18-second clip starts with a child, likely not older than 3 or 4, standing next to a pony’s stable. The child is dressed head to toe as a cowboy. He even has the cutest little hat! The little guy removes his 12-gallon hat to make the pony aware of his haircut.

“See, I got a haircut,” the little guy tells his animal friend.

Almost as if he’s waiting for the horse to respond, the child stands and silently waits for a few seconds. But the horse is not Mr. Ed and does not answer the child. But that non-answer doesn’t keep him from continuing the conversation.

The child reaches for and touches the pony’s head, asking the horse if it had also been recently groomed.

“You got a haircut, too?” the child asks.

That’s got to be one of the sweetest things you’re ever likely to see!

Colossians 3:21 “Fathers, do not be hard on your children, so that their spirit may not be broken.”

Source: TikTok

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