6-Year-Old Wows With Magical Disney Piano Performance

Meet an amazingly gifted 6-year-old, Jelijah Diaz, who is wowing online fans with his magical Disney piano performance!

Jelijah Diaz is from Miami, Florida. However, he traveled all the way across the country to see Ms. Jennifer Hudson in California when he appeared on her show back in October 2023. Jelijah was just 5 at the time, but he was already able to identify notes that JHud sang and play the piano while blindfolded! 

Watch here as Jelijah does another pretty cool musical trick! 

Wearing a bright smile, a precious pair of dimples, and comfy clothes, Jelijah is absolutely adorable! He’s prepared snippets from each of Disney’s top five songs. He introduces each song before playing 20 -30 seconds of the tune, confidently calling each out and holding up the corresponding number of fingers. 

His medley begins with “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid (1989). Number four is “Colors of the Wind” from 1995’s Pocahontas. Jelijah changes things up when he announces his third selection. This time, he sings the words of the song title, looking especially cute as he does so! “A Whole New World” is the title track from Aladdin (1992). 

His last two selections occupy Disney’s 2nd and 1st positions. They are “Let It Go” and “You Got a Friend In Me” from Frozen (2013) and Toy Story (1995). As he blurts out the final title, his words are a little unclear—like the language of most kindergarten kids.

Alas, this is no ordinary little boy! He finishes up, and bids viewers farewell with a big wave and a “byyye.” Jelijah may be a musical genius or a prodigy, or he may just be a kid who loves music and appreciates a challenge. That’s what he told Jennifer Hudson back in the fall of 2023.

After Jelijah told Ms. Hudson that he wants to be both an “astronaut and Mozart” so that he might fulfill his dream of playing the piano on the moon, the star asked him why he wants to do such a thing. Jelijah responded, “Because it’s challenging. I like challenges.”

Mr. Diaz, we like you!

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 1:4 

Source: jelijah

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