Guinea Pigs Battle For The Crown In The Cutest Contest Ever

Check out this cute contest of two guinea pigs battling for the crown! This is one eating contest that is sure to put a smile on your face.

"Challenger Wilbur is determined to beat reigning champ Milo in the much anticipated Guinea Pig Parsley Eating Contest,” reads the caption of the YouTube video.

Before the start of the parsley eating contest, the video shows Wilbur and Milo sitting in lovely blue and white flower bowls while patiently waiting for their parsley pieces. The sign behind one guinea pig reads: “#1 contender, ‘Wilbur,’ 2 lbs. 10 oz.” The other sign reads: “Reigning Champ, ‘Milo,’ 2 lbs. 12oz.”

As soon as the guinea pigs are given their pieces of parsley, they immediately start to eat the fresh herb. By the looks of it, this race is going to be a close one! But the reigning champ, Milo, pulls ahead at the end and wins the contest! Milo is one parsley-eating machine!

The owner of Wilbur and Milo is Teresa, who was the one who filmed this close race. Teresa shared that she adopted Milo right after Wilbur came into her care.

“I was Wilbur’s babysitter for my son’s girlfriend when they traveled abroad,” Teresa said. “Their relationship didn’t last, but my parenthood of Wilbur became forever. The same day I was asked to keep him was the same day I adopted Milo (as I googled how to be a GP parent, and Rule #1 is that you shouldn’t own just 1 (they are herd animals and need a social environment to thrive).”

Along with her two guinea pigs, Teresa also owns two small dogs, a Maltese and a Yorkie. What a cute crew of critters Teresa has living with her!

We hope that you enjoyed this little video today of these adorable guinea pigs challenging each other to a parsley-eating contest!

Source: ViralHog

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