Homeless Man's Life Transformed By Unconditional Love Of A Dog

In this sweet story, a homeless man’s life is transformed by the unconditional love of a dog. 

In Paris, France, a husky's owner, Thibault, narrates how his dog changed someone’s life. 

The video begins with Sora, his dog, running towards a man named Bruno. Thibault states, “Sora can tell where Bruno is from hundreds of feet away.” We then see Sora waiting by Bruno’s tent. The two have a close relationship. 

How did these two meet? Bruno, a homeless man, has a tent on a street corner. Thibault and Sora were on a walk, and as they walked near Bruno, Sora sat down right in front of him. She then jumped into Bruno’s arms. 

After that day, Thibault would bring Bruno coffee and a croissant, chat with him, and ask him if he needed anything. “Sometimes he’d ask for a little bit of money, and I would happily give him some,” he said

Thibault started posting videos on TikTok and eventually started a donation page, which received over €5,000 euros. He then shares the good news with Bruno, who thanks him profusely. 

Two months later, Sora and Thibault are on a walk. They have not seen Bruno for a while but see him in a sleeping bag on the street. “Thibault, I never had access to the money because I don’t have a passport,” Bruno tells Thibault. 

In France, you can’t withdraw money without an active passport, even though you can open an account with a photocopy of an old one. So Bruno was never able to access his money. Thibault would help him get a passport. 

Thibault tells Bruno he can stay with him, but he declines. Thibault gives him a tent, but when he returns to tell him the passport is ready, he finds him cold and weak. This time, he took him home where it was warm.

We then see clips of Bruno at home with Thibault and Sora. Enjoying life. Playing with Sora with a smile on his face. 

In the next clip, we see them going to the bank and getting the money for Bruno. He will also go buy a phone. “I have all the cards to sort out my life,” Bruno says.

At the end of the video, we see Bruno going to a nice hotel room. “New start!” he says with a big smile on his face. 

Because Bruno smiled and was friendly to Sora, everything got better for him. 

Thibault comments, “My dog and a stranger taught me the biggest life lesson. If not for Sora, I might have walked by Bruno a dozen times without looking at him.” 

Sora’s love for a human being changed lives! 

Source: The Dodo

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