Mama Dog Adopts Litter Of Kittens Found On The Street

Mama Dog Adopts Litter Of Kittens Found On The Street

If you weren’t a dog person before, you most certainly will be after checking out this mama dog that adopts a litter of kittens found on the street! It is beyond sweet!

It’s not clear where this loving mama dog is living, but the background music sounds like this is somewhere in Europe. We know for certain that it is not in an English-speaking country.

The mama pooch doesn’t appear to be living in the best conditions; there is a piece of cardboard, plastic, or fabric that marks her spot. But, twice in the video she gets up and retrieves a wayward kitten from the street and brings it back to safety on top of the pallet she’s providing for these furry babies—babies that are most certainly not her own. 

As the video starts, two have scampered off. There is another dog in the frame, and perhaps they have been lured away by this less-concerned canine. Mama goes first after the yellow one, taking it gently into her mouth and bringing it back where it belongs. 

The yellow kitty isn’t the slightest bit afraid or harmed. Mama sits just long enough to settle the kitten, but she lifts her no-doubt weary body to go back for the other. 

This time, she tries to signal to the black kitten that it should follow. There are human feet in the way. But, ultimately, the protective pupper has to wrangle that one just as she did the other one!  

The two roaming kitties are back with a third that is definitely the better behaved of the trio, staying put and making things easier on the mama dog. Though we don’t see them on the video, there may be babies of another species somewhere. But, whether there is one litter or two, one type or two, this devoted doggie doesn’t care. She’s looking out for these little ones, hers or not!

Wouldn’t our world be a better place if we all watched out for the little ones right in our neighborhoods or on our own streets! Wisdom doesn’t always come from scholars or aged folks. It doesn’t even have to come from a human. This sweet, loving, devoted mama dog shared a lot in just a few little moments!

“How many are your works, Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.” Psalms 104:24

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