“Farmin' Like” Hilarious Parody Of Walker Hayes Hit ‘Fancy Like’

“Farmin' Like” Hilarious Parody Of Walker Hayes Hit ‘Fancy Like’

Meet The Peterson Farm Brothers in this hilarious parody, ‘Farmin’ Like’ of Walker Hayes’s hit, “Fancy Like.” 

Brothers Greg, Nathan, and Kendal come to you from Kansas, and whether you live in the country or in the big city, this video will make you laugh, smile, and be warmed by a lingering appreciation for what this family and other farmers do every single day!

Watch as the three brothers find the beat in the first few shots that feature them sitting on a sputtering old John Deere tractor, standing in front of a silver Sioux grain bin, and dancing in front of what appears to be a new Kubota tractor. 

The subtitles communicate the message that fancy isn’t what matters. What matters is gettin’ the job done with new or old equipment and being proud of that!

As the lyrics begin, the subtitles are just there to help us to sing along, but who would want to! These guys are so much fun to listen to! Each brother takes his turn sharing in song the challenges and joys of the everyday life of an American farmer. 

Brother one, two, and three chant in turn about bangin’ wagons and leaky hoses, cold shops and dented equipment, and ripped jeans and dirty, dusty work. But, each is smiling the entire time, and expressing complete contentment with the jobs and lives they have!

The verse hits the highlights of farm life from eating meals in the field to chugging water from big, orange jugs. From planting corn and soybeans to thawing ice in water troughs. 

The video gives us glimpses of the boys’ wives, parents, and favorite pets, as well as beautiful views of their crops and cows. Their days start early and end late, and they wouldn’t want it any other way!

The Peterson Farm Brothers wrote a supremely clever song and made a truly funny video, but they also shared an important message—one that combines the ideas of contentment, appreciation for the land and animals God provided, American pride, and good humor! 

Check out these fine folks on YouTube, where they provide videos that are both entertaining and educational!  

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.” 1 Timothy 6:6

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