Toddler Thinks Pedaling Her Bike Powers The TV

Toddler Thinks Pedaling Her Bike Powers The TV

Check out this great video of a toddler pedaling her bike because she thinks that that is the only way to power the TV!

Mason Smith is the father seen in this video, and he came up with a genius idea to get his little girl moving. He told her that the only way to power the television is through pedaling her bike! And he even has a cord going from the bike to the TV to convince her!

Call it manipulation or smart parenting, but at least this little girl is prioritizing movement and not just being a couch potato while watching TV! In the video, you can see the little girl pedaling away on her small bike while watching her cartoon. And her dad comes in and out of the room to check on her and watch a little of the cartoon with her as well.

It is a fun way to get your body moving while enjoying a show! And if you think about it, many people do this at the gym! They will be watching a show on a TV mounted to the wall while they are running on the treadmill or biking on the elliptical. It’s a great way to multitask – you get to enjoy entertainment while also taking care of your body!

Can you think of anything that you were told as a kid that ended up not being true but was still beneficial for you? Or have you done anything similar to this to your kids? I’m sure Mason’s little girl will one day find out that her family’s television is actually not powered by pedaling her bike, but until then, her mom and dad will get a kick out of every time she gets on her bike to watch her favorite shows.

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