After 14 Months Apart, Caretaker Reunited with Elephant

After 14 Months Apart, Caretaker Reunited with Elephant

Watch the heartwarming moment when a caretaker reunites with elephants after 14 months of being apart. All animals are such blessings!

What would you do if a herd of elephants started running toward you? They’re thousands of pounds so that must be quite stressful for anyone!

Apparently, this sort of situation is exactly what Darrick Thomson has missed.

Darrick and his wife, Sangduen Lek Chailert, co-founded and operate Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. The sanctuary cares for dozens of rescued elephants and also provides a home to hundreds of stray dogs and cats.

After 14 long months of not seeing these lovable giants, Darrick, one of many caretakers, can’t wait to reunite with them.

In the clip, Darrick stands in shallow water and calls for a group of elephants upstream. Almost immediately you can hear multiple elephants call back to him. And, of course, just as we carry on full conversations with our fur babies, he responds to the gentle giants.

Once the elephants realize who exactly is calling for them, they seem to pick up the pace. Clearly, they’re just as excited to see Darrick again!

As the elephants get closer to one of their favorite humans, they slow down and gently walk up to him like they’re aware of their size. They start circling around him one by one waiting their turn to get a hug.

Eventually, you can’t even tell that there’s a tiny human among the elephants. Darrick, his wife, and everyone else at the sanctuary obviously give these beautiful creatures the love that they deserve, and that kindness gave these elephants a second chance at life.

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