'Make Way' Red Rocks Worship Official Music Video

'Make Way' Red Rocks Worship Official Music Video

Listen to this beautiful worship song from Red Rocks Worship called ‘Make Way.’

“Oh here comes the kingdom of light, make way the King has arrived
The dawn has ended the night, come and behold him”

What a beautiful song and picturesque music video! The music video is filmed on a boat with a singer, violinist, and cellist. And some of the scenes include waves hitting the side of the boat while the sun is setting in the background.

“Watch the music video for ‘Make Way’ by Red Rocks Worship, written and created for Established 2022: Look To The East, a special series at Red Rocks Church!” reads the caption of the YouTube video.

The song ‘Make Way’ is such a warm and hopeful song that gives glory to our Heavenly Father. The melody is lovely, and the lyrics remind of just how wonderful it is to worship God and sing His praises. And many people online shared their positive thoughts about the worship song.

“This may just be my favorite song from Red Rocks,” comments one person after watching the video on YouTube. “Well done y’all, this is too good. Doing God’s work.”

“Absolutely beautiful. So proud of this band and their heart for Jesus! I love the raw approach. Never disappoint. Bless you all,” writes another person online.

About eight years ago, Red Rocks Worship released their church worship independent debut EP. The single completely surprised the group by going to number 1 spot on the iTunes’ Top Christian and Gospel Albums chart. “Since the launch of the group as an extension of the Red Rocks Church in Denver, Co., they have released three full-length albums that have gone beyond their expectations and church walls.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Make Way’ by Red Rocks Worship today and the song was able to encourage and uplift you!

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