Pastor Peter J. Peters- "A Simple Bible Study" Part 2

Pastor Peter J. Peters- 'A Simple Bible Study' Part 2

The Anglo Israel truth finding America in the Bible Deuteronomy 14:2, Chapter 17. Revelation 22:15, 911, 9/11, attack wasn't against America, it was against 2 towers. 12 tribes of Israel History. 11:00, Hosea 1:10. James 1:1, dispersed abroad. J3 times, James 1:1, 1st Peter 1:1, John 7:35, it means Israelites scattered abroad. 700bc. Gentiles Romans 9:23, 8:8 Romans 9:24, Izekiel 7:24 Charles Weissman, who is Esau Edom? New Testement Judea. You don't know who they are. John 10:27 Almanac 1980 part 1 identity Crisis. Predominantly Christian Religion. 2nd Samuel 7:10, Story of America- The Light and the Glory book Page 157 in 1629 Micah 4:1 Zacharia 2:1 more than one Jerusalem. Don't play around with the truth, if you will not receive the love of truth, God will send you a diluting influence, so that you may receive a lie.

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