Judges Break The Rule And Give Dance Crew Golden Buzzer

An act must be good to cause Howie Mandel to break protocol, but he and his fellow judges did break the rules when they gave Toronto’s most impressive dance crew a “group” Golden Buzzer! 

Canada’s Got Talent is back this year after a ten-year hiatus. Airing on Canada’s Citytv, the new judges include: rapper and record executive Kardinal Offishall, former professional wrestler Trish Stratus, former talk show host Lilly Singh, and Howie, who is also Canadian though Americans have long known him for his comedy. 

The host is country singer Lindsay Ell. Each of these five gets to use the power of the Golden Buzzer, basically allowing an act to go directly to the live shows without their fate being placed in the outcome of a vote. But, in this video, we see CGT’s judges go renegade on the rules and send The Renegades straight to the semi-finals using a 6th Golden Buzzer!

As the video begins, The Renegades storm through the studio doors and Lindsay speaks with a few of the 21-person dance crew about their unique group. Founded in 2017,  The Renegades aspire to compete on “the international competition stage.” Dancers use words like “trust” and “accepted” and “grateful.” They describe an environment of love that extends beyond the joy of dance—they describe a family! 

Lindsay sends them off to take the CGT stage! Dressed in navy jumpsuits, white tennis shoes, and neon green and gray suspender-type harnesses, they are ready to go! The group appears to be more female than male, but they are a wonderfully ethnically diverse set of dancers. 

The Renegades catch the judges’ attention with their first flashy and flawless move! They are perfectly in sync. Their moves are quick, precise, and immediately impressive! Within mere moments, they are adding gymnastics and stunts, footwork, facial expressions, and flips! The only unfortunate part of the routine is that with so much going on, something super cool will be inevitably missed by those watching!

The Renegades definitely bring the “wow factor.” The audience goes wild for them. One of the members said, during the introduction, that inclusion on the team is more about passion, a good vibe, and good energy than it is dance skills. That’s their general mantra. However, it doesn’t look like any skill is lacking in the group at all!

Howie calls Lindsay down to the judges’ table, and they speak privately first. Howie and Lilly together explain to the group that they’ve exhausted their supply of Golden Buzzers. However, with encouragement from the audience and a bit more discussion, Lilly says that she believes “Torontonians like to break rules.” The five agree to go for it, hitting the Golden Buzzer in unison and sending The Renegades to the semi-finals! The team goes crazy, and the judges now storm the stage! 

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—” Ephesians 2:8


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