Too Young Too Soon' Matthew West And Daughter Lulu Sing For Lost Friend

Too Young Too Soon' Matthew West And Daughter Lulu Sing For Lost Friend

Listen to this touching song called ‘Too Young Too Soon’ by Matthew West featuring his daughter LuLu about a lost friend.

“Hey there Sam that sure was some smile on your face, standing on the stage
At the fifth grade Christmas play, you were everybody's friend, nobody's enemy
But there were storm clouds deep inside you, nobody else could see
What was really going on, now we can't believe you're gone
Too young too soon, this world lost you, hearts break in two, too young too soon”

In this beautiful song, Matthew and LuLu West sing a tribute to LuLu’s friend who was lost to suicide.

“September is Suicide Awareness month, and I wanted to release a special version of Too Young Too Soon featuring Lulu in honor of her friend Sam,” writes Matthew West in the caption of his YouTube video. “I hope this song will be a reminder to us all to be kind to each other and speak love. You never know when it might make all the difference.”

You can hear the heartbreak in the words as Matthew and LuLu sing together. What a hard thing to have to go through, losing a loved one way too soon.

“I just started crying,” comments one person on YouTube after watching the music video. “You're both so talented, and I just feel like Lulu was directly singing to her friend Sam, like she felt him there with you in spirit.”

“Brilliant and God sent! Thank you for the simplicity of the arrangement that allows the message to shine through. Such a vital message!” writes another person online.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to Matthew and LuLu West sing ‘Too Young Too Soon’ and the song was about to remind you the importance of kindness and speaking love to the people in your life.

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