Siblings Perform Gravity-Defying Ice Skating Routine

Siblings Perform Gravity-Defying Ice Skating Routine

Check out these two talented siblings perform a beautiful and gravity-defying ice skating routine!

This video clip shows Oona Brown and Gage Brown ice skating to the song “Nothing Else Matters” at the Gala Performance. These two are a brother and sister who both know their way around the ice!

What talented siblings, and the pair showcase their skills in a beautiful way as they move across the ice to the dramatic music. The intense song complements their stunning choreography and just completes the whole performance.

Oona and Gage move in tandem around the ice rink, spinning, jumping, and showing off some wonderful lifts throughout the routine as well. They are both so good! And they look great skating together!

It is clear that the brother and sister have total trust in one another as they perform next to each other on the ice. They make the whole routine look so effortless, but it must be such a workout, even though it doesn’t look tiring to them.

One of their moves during the routine is so impressive – the brother lifts and spins his sister at the same time as she reaches his shoulders and poses on top of him. What a stunning sight!

After the announcer says their names, the crowd cheers and Oona and Gage give one more short encore performance before leaving the ice rink. What an amazing ice skating routine to witness!

“They leave me breathless! Incredible choreography! Beautiful!” comments one person online after seeing the video.

“I just love this team. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them!” writes another person on YouTube.

We hope that you enjoyed watching Oona Brown and Gage Brown perform this incredible ice skating routine today!

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