'Crown Him' Chris Tomlin And Matt Redman Live Performance

'Crown Him' Chris Tomlin And Matt Redman Live Performance

Listen to this wonderful live performance of ‘Crown Him’ by Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman.

“Crown Him with many crowns, the King who left His throne
Creator of the universe born to the world He holds
And with that first drawn breath, the Word has become flesh
Emmanuel has come to us, O crown Him, all the earth”

What a great performance of this amazing hymn! Christ and Matt are singing the lovely and uplifting song, surrounded by a chorus and musicians. They are all worshipping in a room full of Christmas trees covered in lights, and it is a beautiful sight to see.

“What an amazing version of this hymn, full of joy and hope,” comments one person on YouTube. “Thank you to everyone involved, such a blessing.”

The traditional hymn ‘Crown Him with Many Crowns’ was composed by Matthew Bridges at 48 years old. Chris Tomlin shared in an interview that he's wanted to reclaim the hymn for a long time for the younger generations. Chris even said that when he is teaching songwriting classes, he always brings up the second line of the hymn, "Hark how the heavenly anthem drowns all music but its own."

"It just cannot be written any better than that,” Chris Tomlin shared. “When I think about what we're doing as worship leaders, when we're bringing a song of praise, a heavenly anthem of praise, it drowns out all music and drowns out all other noise. That's why there's so much peace when people come to sing; God drowns out every other competing thing."

Matt Maher, who is a Catholic worship leader, worked together with Chris Tomlin on the song ‘Crown Him.’

"When writing, we looked up its history and where it came from,” explained Chris. “It turns out there was a little dispute with this song between the Catholic and the Protestant churches. And here we are: me, a leader in the Protestant Church and Matt Maher, a leader in the Catholic Church. And we're just sitting at the piano laughing like, "Are you kidding me?" ...The Catholics have written all of these verses and the Protestants have written all these verses and they argued over which verses should be sung. It was one of the few songs that was sung through all the Church in both Catholic and Protestant churches, and there's not many of those, so what's been passed down to us is sort of a mixture of the two. And here are Matt and I sitting there working on this together and I thought how ironic that the Lord would bring this all around and us not even know that."

We hope that you enjoyed this festive performance of ‘Crown Him’ today and it was able to encourage you and lift up your spirits!

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