'Christmas Day' Chris Tomlin Live With We The Kingdom

'Christmas Day' Chris Tomlin Live With We The Kingdom

Listen to this wonderful song called ‘Christmas Day’ by Chris Tomlin and featuring We The Kingdom.

“Joy to the world on a night like no other Emmanuel, God is with us

Beggars and kings, let us come and adore Him, rest in His peace and bow before Him

Sing all you people, the Lord Almighty reigns, sing every creature of God

Come bless His name, for He is good, for He is good, He was born to conquer the grave

Light of the world, the reason for Christmas Day”

What a great, uplifting song full of so much joy! All of the musicians sound wonderful together, and their harmonies are beautiful. It is so powerful to hear them all worshiping together in that space.

“Every time when I listen to this song it gives me goosebumps,” comments one person online after watching the music video. “So strong and powerful. Praise God!”

“Love this song -- it so eloquently speaks of the true meaning of Christmas,” writes another person online. “I truly worship as I listen and sing along!”

When Chris Tomlin first released this song, he and his wife were expecting a new baby to arrive just before Christmas. He shared how this experience inspired him while writing ‘Christmas Day.’

“Christmas is about celebrating a gift from God, a surprise child for Joseph and Mary, a true Miracle of Love,” he said. “For me, it is another gift to be able to write a song about the surprise of our third baby girl and the parallel story of the birth of Jesus. As a songwriter, I felt so inspired and loved how each line of the song could have a double meaning.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Christmas Day’ by Chris Tomlin, and may your Christmas season be full of love and joy!


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