14-Month-Old Boy Meets A Dog For The Very First Time

14-Month-Old Boy Meets A Dog For The Very First Time

Check out this absolutely precious video. A 14-month-old boy meets a dog for the very first time. 

Your heart will begin melting at the start of this video. An adorable little boy is beside himself with his mouth wide open and his feet dancing. He sees a dog for the first time ever and is thrilled. The boy walks closer to the animal and begins waving both hands at him and clapping vigorously as if he is greeting this creature. The dog then lays down and the boy joins him down on the ground. The dog tries to put his nose up to the boy’s face and the boy begins to crawl back up to get up. 

The boy starts tap-dancing his way towards the dog with his mouth opened and happy. He goes up and looks at the face of the animal. He claps and signals the dog to stand back up. Suddenly, the boy gets brave and touches the dog on the face. In a way, it appears that he is petting the dog’s head. The dog walks around and gives the boy a kiss. Afterward, the boy runs away. 

This little one is already taking great joy in serving the animals. God gave humanity dominion over the animals. There is a special relationship of care that many people experience for pets and creatures. This young boy’s expression is simply priceless to watch. His pure joy and thrill at seeing something new is encouraging to us today. May we never lose the awe and wonder at God’s creation. He deserves all the glory. He is so creative.

“The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.” Proverbs 12:10

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