'Standing In Miracles' Emmy Rose Worship Performance

'Standing In Miracles' Emmy Rose Worship Performance

Listen to this beautiful worship song called ‘Standing In Miracles’ by Bethel Music featuring Emmy Rose.

“I see you in the skies with purple hues, I hear you in the quiet morning too
And when the world is still asleep, I’m waking up to You, I see you in the glow of summer nights
I feel you in the dance of ocean tides, and when the world is unaware, I am aware of You
I don’t have to search hard to find You, I don’t have to reach far to touch You
Standing in miracles wherever I go, I don’t have to struggle to hear you
Your presence is easy to get to, standing in miracles wherever I go”

What an incredible song with such beautiful lyrics! It reminds us that God’s amazing miracles are all around us, and His presence can be seen and felt in so many different ways.

Like the song says in the bridge, the Lord’s miracles can be seen in “the baby in a mother’s womb” or in “the union of a bride and groom.” Or even in “the kindness of a stranger’s smile” or the “sound of rivers running wild.” It doesn’t take much to see God’s beauty and glory in the world around us, we just need to open our eyes.

“This is one of the most beautiful and elegant songs I’ve heard,” writes one person on YouTube after seeing the music video. “Praise Jesus that He saved me.”

“The assurance and security you hear and feel from the lyrics to the song is overwhelming. You know that everything said in the song is true,” comments another person online. “Praise God. A beautiful 4 minutes of truth.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Standing In Miracles’ by Bethel Music featuring Emmy Rose today and the song was able to uplift and encourage you.

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