'Holy Spirit Come' Patrick Mayberry Acoustic Performance

Check out the acoustic performance and hear the story behind the song ‘Holy Spirit Come’ by Patrick Mayberry.

“I'm coming with a heart of worship, I'm bringing in a brand new song
I'm ready to see the unthinkable, I'm ready for a miracle, hearts praying for a fresh encounter
Souls looking to the living god, I'm ready for a real revival, oh Holy Spirit
Come like a flood, like a fire, Holy Spirit fall in this place, fill our hearts, Holy Spirit
Come like a flood, like a fire, Holy Spirit come, oh Holy Spirit come”

What an uplifting song full of encouraging and hopeful lyrics. And the music has a great beat and wonderful harmonies throughout.

In an interview after the acoustic performance of ‘Holy Spirit Come', Patrick Mayberry talks about the story behind the song.

“I love this song so much. I was thrilled with the way it all came about and the energy behind it,” shared Patrick.

“I had this idea, we were getting together to write, and I had this idea of like ‘what if we wrote a song that was a song that kind of helped our churches get in a posture of ‘what if the holy spirit really showed up,’” he said. “You know, I totally am a believer that the Holy Spirit dwells within us. But if you’re anything like me, I forget that a lot…I forget that the Holy Spirit is dwelling within me and that the Holy Spirit wants to intercede on my behalf. I forget that Holy Spirit power that we all have access to. So, that was really where the heart of the song came from.”

The song really does remind you that we all have access to the Holy Spirit and that there is so much freedom when we learn to follow the Spirit’s promptings.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Holy Spirit Come’ today!

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