Injured Dog Couldn't Stand For 8 Weeks Until Rescuers Step In

Injured Dog Couldn't Stand For 8 Weeks Until Rescuers Step In

One injured dog couldn’t stand for 8 weeks, but rescuers stepped in and helped her recover.

After getting hit by a vehicle, a dog was unable to stand. When rescuers found her, she had pulled herself to the side of the road, and her cries were heartbreaking!

The poor pup had suffered a spine injury that left her completely unable to bear any weight. She was taken to an animal rehabilitation center where she was given food and pain medicine. Slowly, the dog regained her strength. And the next 8 weeks at the center called for bedrest and physiotherapy.

While she was recovering, the workers at the animal center named the dog Dena. “We named her Dena, which means "to give" in Hindi,” they wrote in the caption of their YouTube video. “No matter how low she felt, when she couldn't move her legs or her body, her eyes showered her caregivers with love.” What a sweet pup!

At the rehabilitation center, Dena made some new dog friends. And after weeks of physiotherapy, Dena was finally able to overcome her injury!

“One fine day, 2 months after the accident with very little apparent progress, Dena was ready,” shared the workers at the rehabilitation center. “All by herself, this brave girl stood and took her first trembling steps. And that was just the beginning of what has become a complete, beautiful recovery.”

Dena never gave up, and because of the great care that she was given, she was able to gain her strength again and make a full recovery! It is so wonderful to see this sweet dog running around in the video and playing with other dogs. She got her life back! Dena looks so happy and healthy again, and it is all thanks to the loving care of her rescuers!

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