Meteorologist Brings The Laughs During Technical Mishap On Live TV

Meteorologist Brings The Laughs During Technical Mishap On Live TV

Check out this funny video of a meteorologist bringing the laughs with her reaction during a technical mishap on live television.

Not everything goes according to plan on live TV, but this meteorologist was able to make the most of a technical difficulty and bring the laughs. Her name is Jennifer McDermed, and she is a meteorologist on FOX 9 in Minneapolis. During one of her broadcasts, Jennifer started to see duplicate versions of herself appear on screen due to a technical glitch.

“That’s funky!” she says while moving her arms around as the malfunction starts to happen. Soon, there are multiple Jennifers in sight on the screen, and the meteorologist can’t help but laugh. She is just cracking herself up! And it really is a very comical thing to witness! “I really don’t know what’s going on!

Oh man! Do you guys want one Jennifer? Or two Jennifers? Or three?” she says while laughing and walking across the screen. Now that is something that she doesn’t see every day – a train of herself walking across the green screen.

After the technical problem is fixed, Jennifer says, “I have no idea what that was. That was brilliant, yes it was.” She really has such a playful and go-with-the-flow personality, and that is a great trait to have when things don’t go as planned on a live TV broadcast.

“This is so hilarious, props to her for handling it like that,” comments one person on YouTube after watching the video. The TODAY show even had their own fun pretending to be Jennifer when Al Roker decided to clone himself on screen and have some laughs about it.

We hope that you enjoyed this funny video and it was able to bring a smile to your face today! Even in the midst of unplanned events, may we look on the bright side like Jennifer and just have fun with it!

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